Do Indian B-Schools Need Global Standards?

An authored article by Dr Atish Chattopadhyay in the Impact Feature of Business Today’s 32nd anniversary edition. Business education has long been a highly successful segment of higher education; the number of institutions offering such education has multiplied many times over. Very often we deliberate on how to achieve global standards. The question is what … Read more

Hyderabad Alumni Meet

Reuniting with old mates at JAM Jagsom Alumni Meet. Reuniting with old mates at JAM Jagsom Alumni Meet. Can’t wait to catch up and reminisce about the good ol’ days. See you all at 5PM at Hard Rock Cafe, Hitech City, Hyderabad. Register Now

Patna Alumni Meet

Reconnecting, reminiscing, and reviving memories at the Jagsom Alumni Meet in Patna! Join us for a night of nostalgia, laughter, and endless stories. Let’s celebrate the bonds that transcend time. Patna we are coming on 24th Feb be ready for a JAMming night. Register Now

MBA Internship: How JAGSoM Students leveraged Role-defined Career Tracks & Industry Internship Program (IIP) to Shine at Swiggy, Harman International, Infomerics and Neostats

MBA education has come under a lot of criticism for failing to provide hands-on practical training to students. In this context, MBA Internship programs have come under spotlight as their primary objective is to facilitate practical business learning. While most MBA Internships are planned as a short 2-months Summer Internships, JAGSoM Bangalore’s ‘Industry Internship Program’ … Read more

Centre’s exam bill should not hit students: Experts

The proposed Public Examination (Prevention of Unfair Means) Bill in India, with stringent penalties for malpractices, highlights the need for stakeholder collaboration, clear guidelines, and a balance between punishment and rehabilitation. Concerns arise about potential impact on students’ futures and the necessity for revisiting the testing system alongside strict implementation. Rajendra K Sinha, professor, Jagdish Sheth … Read more

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