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Career Track Programs at JAGSoM

One of the key interventions is the ‘Career Track’ which is a domain concentration that spans an entire term and is an integral part of the ‘Majors’ selected by the students.

Students select a Career Track aligned to their professional goals and then do a deep dive immersion to acquire the required competencies and critical skills for being industry ready. They are mentored and guided by the domain specialist faculty, drawn from both industry and academia.

The Career Track immersion comprises of specialized course work, application exercises, certifications and a ‘Request for Problem (RFP)’ industry project. All of these are aligned to the roles and competencies required for the specific domain.

The following Career Tracks are offered to students to enable in-depth learning:

This document has been created to help students align their learning with the roles of their choice, the faculty has to enable students to acquire the relevant competencies and the recruiters to focus on the appropriate student cohort for the selection process.





Analytics & Digital Business


Human Resources Management


Grooming T-Shaped Professionals for Industry 4.0


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