Impact of Physical Activity on an Individual’s Creativity: A Day-Level Analysis

p s james

Dr. (Colonel) P.S James


Bollimbala, A., James, P. S., & Ganguli, S. (2021).
The American Journal of Psychology, 134(1), 93-105.


Physical activity is fast emerging as a predictor of complex cognitive processes, yet its impact on
creativity is not well researched. This study analyzes the immediate and retention effects of an
enjoyable physical activity intervention at the end of the workday on the divergent and convergent
thinking components of creativity via a randomized controlled trial of 68 MBA students. The
treatment group participated in a 15-min enjoyable physical activity (dance), and the control group
participated in an enjoyable nonphysical activity (socialization), and their impact on divergent and
convergent thinking was measured via parallel forms of Guilford Alternate Uses Task and Remote
Association Task, respectively. Dance significantly improved divergent and convergent thinking
immediately after the intervention and also showed retention at the end of the work day compared
with preintervention levels, whereas socialization showed such an effect only on flexibility
immediately after the intervention and no retention. The results support executive function
hypothesis and ego depletion theory.

Link to Article: https://scholarlypublishingcollective.org/uip/ajp/article-abstract/134/1/93/283373/Impact-of-Physical-Activity-on-an-Individual-s

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