MBA Internship: How JAGSoM Students leveraged Role-defined Career Tracks & Industry Internship Program (IIP) to Shine at Swiggy, Harman International, Infomerics and Neostats


MBA education has come under a lot of criticism for failing to provide hands-on practical training to students. In this context, MBA Internship programs have come under spotlight as their primary objective is to facilitate practical business learning. While most MBA Internships are planned as a short 2-months Summer Internships, JAGSoM Bangalore’s ‘Industry Internship Program’ (IIP) stands out on many counts. For instance, JAGSoM IIP is offered at the end of the MBA course like a ‘capstone’ project and is preceded by intense ‘Career-Tracks’ to prepare students for their chosen ‘roles’.While conceptually there are many advantages of this IIP model, how is the Student Experience? And does JAGSoM IIP effectively prepare students for the Final Placements? MBAUniverse.com decided to get reviews from JAGSoM students who have recently completed their IIP at Swiggy, JBL/Harman, Indian Bank, and other companies. Their candid feedback reveals what, why and how of this unique Internship program.

But before we talk about Student’s Internship Experience, let’s have a quick overview of JAGSoM and its Industry Internship Program. Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) Bangalore is amongst the first 6 business schools in India to be awarded the AACSB accreditation. It is Globally Ranked in QS Masters Global Ranking for various programs. JAGSoM was ranked at #11 amongst all private business schools of India by MBAUniverse.com Rankings 2024.

IIP strategically placed as a ‘Capstone Initiative’ Traditionally, most Business Schools have a Summer Internship Program, which happens at the end of the first year. The interviews for the Summer Internship Program are generally held within 3-4 months of student’s joining the MBA program, when most students have little idea about their career goals. JAGSoM has turned the entire Internship Process on its head. Outlining the Internship philosophy, Dr Atish Chattopadhyay, Director, JAGSoM says, “JAGSoM believes that the internship should be post the substantial value-add by the B-School, hence we have the changed the academic calendar itself to strategically place Internships when students are ready for it.” So, what is a typical ‘Summer Internship’ for most B-schools, and falls between the first and the second year, JAGSoM’s IIP is held at the end of the program in the sixth term, after the student has done their core courses, elective courses required for their Majors, and importantly have prepared for a ‘specific career role’ over the fourth and fifth term. JAGSoM IIP is a long 3-4 months initiative, held between November-February, just before the program ends. “IIP at JAGSoM is a capstone intervention and not just a mid-term intervention,” says Dr Chattopadhyay.

A critical factor that differentiates JAGSoM’s internship program from others is the that it prepares students for specific roles, through ‘Role-Defined Career Tracks’. Role defined career tracks is an intervention that prepare a student to match their aspiration with opportunity. It prepares students for a ‘Role’ in terms of their career goals based on one’s strength. This is different from traditional B-Schools which prepare students for ‘function’ like Marketing, Finance, and not specific industry ‘roles’. The median stipend recorded for the current batch IIP 2024 is Rs 71,550 while the average stipend for the batch stood at Rs 89,350. The highest stipend of Rs 250,000.

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