MBA education: New insights on enablers of managerial performance

p s james

Dr. (Colonel) P.S James


Chatterjee, D., & Poovathingal, J. (2020).
International Journal of Educational Management.



Several authors have proposed various factors/enablers that enhance managerial performance of
MBA students. However, there is little research on how to prioritise these enablers or how each
enabler in the system of enablers influences each other. This paper aims to address this gap.


This paper integrates the interpretive structural modelling (ISM) and Multiplication Appliquée á un
Classement (MICMAC) techniques to arrive at the conclusions.


The “help achieve” power of each enabler, determined by ISM, is limited or accentuated by its
“driving power and its dependence” determined by MICMAC. Out of the 14 enablers used in the
study, this paper identifies five enablers that can enhance the performance of MBA students.


When ISM and MICMAC are integrated, one can arrive at a better way to prioritise enablers in a
system of enablers.


The implication of the study findings is that all stakeholders can now systematically prioritise the
enablers that can lead to performance and also save resources during the process. A related
implication is that this method can be used in a wide variety of situations.


This paper highlights how an integrated use of ISM-MICMAC can improve decision-making and
resource optimisation.

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