JAGSoM, KEDGE BS to launch 4-year international BBA programme

JAGSoM IBBA course is a four-year programme that offers two degrees and a two-country experience in Mumbai in India and Marseille in France.

The Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM), Vijaybhoomi University Mumbai has collaborated with KEDGE Business School (France) to launch a new course — International Bachelor in Business Administration (IBBA) degree. The JAGSoM IBBA course is a four-year programme that offers two degrees and a two-country experience at Vijaybhoomi, Greater Mumbai in India and Marseille in France. Interested candidates can apply till August 31, 2022.

The course also includes internships that could be in India and abroad with exposure to around nine-month work experience, claims JAGSoM. The tuition fee for the course in both India and France is around Rs 20 lakh. According to JAGSoM, the course has the potential for providing career opportunities in Europe. Learners will also get to learn the French language. Once enrolled for the course, the initial two years of study will be in India, at JAGSoM, where, the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) of the students will be complemented along with learning of the French language. Students will spend the next two years of study in France to graduate with both a BBA from JAGSoM and an IBBA from KEDGE BS.

“We are thrilled to offer Indian students this joint program a unique opportunity to acquire specific skills that only two top institutions can offer. They will benefit from the best combination of strong academics, our powerful network of corporations in France, and our unique pedagogy on our first-class campus in Marseille,” said Alexandre de Navailles, general manager of KEDGE BS.

“International BBA from JAGSoM and KEDGE with a 2-country immersion and a multi-country experience will certainly catapult the graduating student into a highly aspirational career in business and shall also open opportunities to build one’s own global enterprise. The award-winning signature learning experiences of JAGSoM coupled with the ‘learn by doing’ pedagogy of KEDGE shall transform students into sought-after business professionals,” said Sanjay Padode Founder of JAGSoM and president of Vijaybhoomi University.

Source: Careers360

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