Advanced IT Systems Limited: Case of Ethics and Conflicts of Interest


Prof. Pooja Gupta

Assistant Professor, Head Case Development & Interim Chairperson

Patanjali, S., & Gupta, P. (2020).
Asian Journal of Management Cases, 17(1), 9-16.


Advanced IT Systems Limited (AISL) was a family-owned software solutions and services company
based in Mumbai, and was in business for about 10 years. The chief executive officer (CEO) had
ambitions of growing the company into one of the large Indian IT companies. Apart from
concentrating on the business growth, the CEO with the help of his HR head introduced several
people-oriented policies and hoped that these would lay a good base for further growth of the
The case describes a conflict of interest that got exposed when one particular business head was
championing a young computer science graduate for nomination as a high potential and accelerated
promotion but kept hidden that he was in a personal relationship with the lady.

Should such a relationship come in the way of the career progression of an individual who was
otherwise talented and deserved the promotion?

The case covers issues of the setting of corporate ethical and cultural standards, leadership and
decision-making, policy and pragmatism, and of meeting client needs and organizational propriety.

Link to Article: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0972820119892703

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