Blockchain Implementation in Government Offices: An Innovation


Prof. Prashant Goyal


Goyal,P., Balwani,N.,Tagore,A.,et.al.(2021).
Empirical Economics Letters.



This study aims at finding out the thought process of professionals in the government sector for the
implementation of Blockchain technology in the field of finance. Primary data have been collected
through a questionnaire and statistical analysis is done to understand the response curve. Important
findings of the survey were that the professionals are skeptical about the cost of initiating a
Blockchain technology initially. Nevertheless, they were ready for the change and understand that it
will increase the effectiveness of a system. The findings break the stereotypes that the government
employees do not understand new technologies and their impact on system effectiveness. Though
the technology is in an infancy implementation stage, this paper concludes that usage of Blockchain
technology in the government sector would positively impact the system.

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