Gold Investment Pattern Analysis during the Pandemic: An Overhaul

Vikram,P., & Sinha, R.K. (2022).
Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government. Vol. 28, No. 03, 2022. (ABDC C Category)


The perception of Gold in an Indian Investor is different from that of a foreign investor. If there is
any one investment that runs through all throughout the year for an Indian, it is definitely gold. This
paper examines the pattern of Gold investment during the pandemic – Covid 19 by individual
investors. The paper is based on the primary data analyzed through the questionnaire prepared for
the purpose of studying the shift in priorities of individual Investors during the pandemic and with
the new normal. This paper highlights the brighter side of investing in gold at different periods with
different income groups is observed. It examines the relative performance of the gold investment in
the portfolio carried by the investor during the lockdown period. The factors affecting the
investment of every individual with varied income is analyzed and tested with descriptive Statistics.
The study proceeds to acquire the resultant estimation of whether there is a significant change in
the investment of Gold or has gold sustained the wave of this economic crisis during the Covid