Workshop on User Content Analytics

Dr. Chandrashekar Subramanyam

Senior Professor, Jagdish Sheth School of Management
Regarded as one of the top Analytics Professor in the country today, Dr Subramanyam was the chair Professor (July 1998-Feb 2013) & officiating Director (April 2009 to Jan 2010) at FORE School of Management, New Delhi.
Dr. Subramanyam has a vast experience of more than 34 years in R&D, Academic & Industry in the area of Quantitative Techniques & IT. He teaches courses in the area of IT, Quantitative Techniques, Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis, and Advanced Market Research. He worked as Professor and Area Chair of Quantitative and Information systems group at IIM Lucknow for about ten Years. He was also the Member Secretary to IIM Lucknow Board for about three years. He was also a visiting Professor at Manchester Business School for about a year under Euro India exchange program.
His current teaching and research interests revolve around Service Excellence, and Marketing Analytics.