Prof. Rajeev Batra

Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
United States of America

Rajeev Batra’s research interests include the strategy and tactics of brand-building; global branding and advertising; marketing issues in emerging markets; Asian consumers; emotional advertising: processes, role, measurement and effects; consumers’ attitude structure toward brands and brand personality; repetition effects; and advertising budgeting.

Prof. Rajeev Batra is the Co-Author or Co-Editor of 8 books, including “The New Emerging Multinationals” (McGraw-Hill, 2012), named by Strategy + Business Magazine as the Best Business Book of 2012 (Strategy). He is the Author of over 60 academic papers in leading journals, many widely cited, in the areas of global branding, brand creation and management, brand love, brand coolness, advertising, and consumer psychology. He has also consulted for various companies, given keynote talks, and has conducted executive education courses, in many countries on these topics.