Prof. Russell W. Belk

Schulich School of Business, York University
Russell Belk is York University Distinguished Research Professor and Kraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing. He moved to Canada in 2006 and has previously had positions at the University of Utah, the University of Illinois, Temple University, Africa University (Zimbabwe|), Craiova University (Romania), the University of Hong Kong, Lancaster University Management School (UK), University of Otago (New Zealand), Göteborg University (Sweden), Edith Cowan University (Australia), and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He has received numerous awards, been the president of several professional societies, and is a Fellow of multiple professional associations and the Royal Society of Canada. He has over 700 publications and co-initiated the Consumer Behavior Odyssey, the Association for Consumer Research Film Festival, and the Consumer Culture Theory Conference. He recently co-wrote or co-edited Marketization: Theory and Evidence from Emerging Markets (2020), Handbook of The Sharing Economy (2019) Romantic Gift Giving (2019), Consumer Culture Theory: Research in Consumer Behavior (2017-2019), and Qualitative Consumer Research (2017). He is currently working on three other books, four special issues of journals, and a number of papers. His research involves the extended self, meanings of possessions, collecting, gift-giving, sharing, digital consumption, and materialism. This work tends to be qualitative, visual, and cultural.