Prof. Varsha Jain


Prof. Varsha Jain, Ph.D., is a Professor in Integrated Marketing Communications and the Doctoral Program and research co-chairperson at the MICA, India. She has authored over 100+ publications, including the European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Information Management, and many more. Prof. Jain is the recipient of more than 21 national and international awards and gold medals in scholarship. The recent award includes “JCB Reviewer of the Year Award 2020”, Journal of Consumer Behavior, USA. In her research career, she is visiting guest at Emory Business School, Atlanta, USA, and visiting scholar and guest at The Medill School, North-western University, USA. She was also a visiting professor leading schools in India such as the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Raipur, IIM Trichy, and IIM Indore. Her research specialties lie in advertising, branding, digital marketing, luxury branding, and digital natives. Prof. Jain’s recently co-authored a book on Consumer Behavior – A Digital Native with Prof Sheth and Prof. Schultz (Indian edition). Her current work entails writing books on Consumer Behavior: A Digital Native African and Global edition, Customer Relationship Management in the Digital Age, Higher Education in Emerging Countries in the Post Pandemic, and Qualitative Marketing Research in the Digital Age