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Capital Markets

Capital Markets, valued at $250 trillion, drive economic growth, creating a demand for skilled professionals in the Capital Markets Career Track Program at JAGSoM.

The Track Perspective

With an estimated size of 250 trillion dollars and rising, Capital Markets are now one of the most powerful global drivers of economic growth and wealth creation. Investors’ interest in investments, especially equities and derivatives are increasing and is reflected in a surge in the number of applications made to SEBI for licenses in the areas of Portfolio Management, Alternative investments, and Investment Advisories.

This growth has driven the demand for financial professionals in the area of Capital Markets which requires them to have specific skill sets and some basic but specialized attributes. The Capital Markets Career Track Program at JAGSoM prepares professionals who intend to make a career in capital markets. The students are required to work with real-time data and back-testing of executable strategies while enhancing their fund management skills.

Humans reactions are often contaminated with cognitive biases, greed, fear & survival instinct. However Capital Market success requires precisely the oppposite behaviour of intuition is suggesting!

Naved Abdali
Author of the book
Investing-Hopes, Hypes & Heartbreaks

Professor Jitender Kumar

Track Chair
Capital Markets Career Track

Industry Trends

Indian capital markets have registered tremendous growth in the past few years. It is also one of the most resilient markets and a preferred destination for domestic and international businesses.

The potential of growth is huge as the base of retail investors is showing an increasing trend. Thus, the employment opportunities in the capital markets domain have been expanding at a faster rate.

Though many people still lack information and competence and struggle in the stock market, it has piqued the interest of many people due to the expanding trend. Stockbrokers, wealth managers, analyst and other professionals in the capital markets domain are sought after careers due to the growth of Indian capital markets and lack of experience and understanding in the investing population.

This provides our students a compelling path to building a career in capital markets. The Career Track has been created taking into account the evolving domain and its needs.

Course Content

Derivatives valuation, interest rate and credit derivatives.

DCF valuation, relative valuation, and private equity.

Basics of managing market, credit, operations, and liquidity risk.

Hands on exposure to trading tools and platforms.

Stock selection and portfolio management techniques.

Price charts and trading strategies

Predictive analytics for trading

Structure and function of commodities and alternative investment funds

Advanced methods for the analysis of investment decisions