Human Resource Management

HR Digital Transformation

HR Digital Transformation is imperative as it bridges the gap between intent and execution, enhancing employee engagement.

The Track Perspective

Gartner Report 2023 tells us that workforce management has moved to be among the top 10 CEO Business Priorities and for good reason! For long we have known and said that the HR function is a key element of organizational success, after all it responsible for the most valuable asset of the organization which is its people. It always been the function that has owned the accountability for listening to its employees, being an agent of change and for reflecting the business strategy through its people policies and practices. But somehow there has been a gap between intent and execution

The dark tunnel of the ‘great resignation’ that we have just come through only further highlighted the need for HR as a function to recalibrate and return to its roots where its all about engaging more directly, deeply and meaningfully with its employees. A McKinsey study only highlights what we have always known that the things that truly matter to employees are; Being Valued, A Sense of Belonging, A Team that Trusts & Cares and their Growth & Advancement. At the centre of all this is the HR function.

With the average age of the workforce below 40 years & with new age technologies driving us at blinding speeds to a brave new world, there is a great need for a younger breed of HR Managers that will work to create a vibrant and high-performance organization in a changed and constantly changing workplace. That is what the HR Career Track at JAGSoM is committed to creating.

Despite the giant strides that humankind has made in terms of technology and automation especially in the last two decades, the truth still remains that the most critical element of high-performace organizations are its people!

Professor Anand Pillai

Track Chair
Human Resources Management Career Track

Industry Trends

Focus on well-being and mental health: The increasing demand to focus on employee well-being and mental health is causing organizations to invest in programs on mental health and well-being and elements such as mindfulness and stress management.

Course Content

In-depth understanding of theories, process and practice of OD & Change management.

Understanding HR transformation and equipping with necessary digital tools and techniques

Learning strategic and operational aspects of reward management.

Understanding the concepts of basic HR metrics and measurement-based descriptive analytics in the field of people management

Evaluating and enhancing employee performance to drive organizational growth

Develop the leadership skills of participants and help organizations ensure they have effective succession planning in place.

Understanding of the role and responsibilities of an HR Business Partner and the skills and knowledge of the business acumen for HR strategy development.

Understanding of the scope and role played by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the HR Function.

Understanding the importance of employee experience and wellness and learn strategies for creating a workplace that promotes well-being and productivity.