Sales & Services

Understanding customer needs, delivering value, and creating memorable experiences are vital, led by Sales and Customer Service teams in the Career Track.

The Track Perspective

How well we understand our Customers’ needs & wants matters, the solutions we offer them certainly matters & the value we deliver to our customers is most critical. But when all is said and done, “How an organization makes their Customers feel and how they cause them to remember them by” is a critical success factor for any organization. While all functions in the organization have a role to play, the accountability for it is carried by the Sales and Customer Service teams!

The Sales & Service Career Track prepares professionals who intend to make a career in Sales & Customer Service in the B2B and B2C environments both as individual contributors as well as future functional leaders. The program focuses on creating expertise around:

Given the practical nature of this career track in the real world, this program will be delivered by an eclectic mix of renowned scholars, successful industry practitioners and international faculty of repute.

Professor Edwin Moses

Track Chair
Sales & Service Career Track

Great sales & customer service professionals are partners to their Customers, delivering value and helping them win!

Industry Trends

While there is a growing trend in customers using digital self-service even in B2B businesses there will still be a major part of the business around complex and high-value deals that will continue to involve people-to-people interactions. With the dawn of a world of information democratization, the old-world paradigm of a customer facing role being a walking-talking version of a product brochure is dead forever! The role of sales & customer service has finally come into what it should have always been the face of the organization that enables them to ‘deliver value and help their customers to be successful.’

With B2C around the world moving rapidly to a marketplace of large buyers like it has always been in B2B, research shows us the following:

In all of the above the key enablers are the Sales & Service functions. Organizations with great sales & service teams are able to deliver greater & more consistent ROIs to their shareholders. This program is aimed at creating professionals who will help create successful customers and thereby successful organizations!

Course Content

Focus on the fundamentals of the strategy & execution required for successfully winning new customers and growing the customer base.

Imparts expertise on how to create, manage and execute a strategic plan for growing and retaining and growing large/ global key accounts.

This course focusses on equipping them with both the hard and soft elements required to design and execute service processes and strategies to delight their customers.

How to build, nurture and manage efficient, effective, and motivated sales teams in a both a direct and indirect sales environment.

Managing dealer and distributor networks both as an individual contributor and as a team leader in an environment where there is a growing demand from customers for an always-on, personalized and omni-channel experience.

Imparts a deep understanding around the process, mental capabilities and strategies required to embark with the customer on joint search for a win-win solution.

The course focuses on equipping the students with the capabilities to identify, interpret & leverage analytics to make smart decisions in their sales & service efforts.

Equipping them with the fundamental concepts and understanding of how to apply the principles of marketing in a Services Marketing context across domains and a variety of business models.

In a world where the salesperson as a walking-talking version of the product brochure and a consummate entertainer is dead forever there is need to equip sales professionals with the skills and capabilities to understand their customers & often thinking on their behalf in order to deliver value and enable them to be successful. This is what the course enables.