Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP)

Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP)

Early into the program, each student is assigned to an industry executive early, who helps the student frame her/his career goals and learn about emerging opportunities in the industry. This process helps students self-discover themselves and their professional aspirations. This program practically lasts for four terms, starting in the Second Term and ending in the Fifth Term. We are proud to have been associated with 137 mentors from 115 Companies over the past 5 years.

Mock Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

To ensure student readiness to step into the corporate world, Co-Curricular interventions such as Mock Group Discussions and Personal Interview Sessions are organized in partnership with the industry across the length of the program. This exercise helps the students to better appreciate the Corporate Expectations for the students to better understand the corporate expectations. The industry executives leading it are also able to get a view into the progress of the participants over a period. The students gain from the personalized feedback received from the industry executives.

Career Placement Services

Placement Policy

JAGSoM has brought about a paradigm shift in the way that final placements are conducted. As opposed to the usually prevalent “Mela (Shopper)-model’ of placement services, JAGSoM is deeply rooted in continuous industry-student engagement, that guarantees the best fit of candidates with job roles and aspirations, contributing to greater stakeholder satisfaction.

Resume Help

The Corporate Mentorship Program as well as the Personality Enhancement Program help the students to refine their resume in accordance to their goals, aspirations, skills and areas of interest before they enter into the corporate world.

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