Potential Multiplier

Pedagogy of Learning by Solving

JAGSoM is the first business school in the country to institutionalize the pedagogy of ‘Learning by Solving’. At JAGSoM, faculty from international partner schools and in-house faculty together mentor groups of participants to solve real-life business challenges. The pedagogy of ‘Learning by Solving’ places emphasis on doing ‘Hands-On’ projects and solving real industry problems of companies who support our ‘Request For Problems’. This Request for Problem (“RFP”) is a mechanism to help seek real-life business challenges from our industry partners that which the participating executive can solve, being part of the study- group. The problems could be from areas like FinTech, MarTech, Data Analytics and other domains.

Personality Enhancement Program

A life-skill and lifestyle-oriented program that addresses issues of wellness and essential skills, like communication, negotiation, and cross-cultural orientation, to groom a holistic individual.


Corporate mentors guide students in goal setting and realization of their professional aspirations.

Effective Execution

This course aims at enhancing the ability of students to address the challenges of collaboration, conflict resolution, timely and cost-effective execution of critical activities to achieve specific milestones in institution-building activities.

Social Immersion Program

Students undertake immersions with NGOs in rural areas. Students learn to design solutions for social problems through a Techno-Economic Viability study, thereby enabling sustainable, socially positive, and measurable impact on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Research Incubation

The objective of this program is to impart problem solving skills to students through industry live projects. In the research incubation program, students learn business research methodology, receive faculty mentoring, and gain practitioner input to develop projects that result in publishable research papers or business ventures. The initiative is featured in the list of best practices in the Asia Pacific.

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Design Thinking and Innovation Incubation

This program empowers the participants to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and enables them to tackle business problems & challenges through creativity and innovation.

Industry Internship Program

The MBA program concludes with this 4 ½ months long internship program providing a transitioning bridge between theory and practice.