Workgroup’s Openness to Diversity and Employees’ Perception of Human Resources Practices: The Moderating Effect of Group Membership.


Dr. (Colonel) P.S James


Das, S. K., Azmi, F. T., & James, P. S. (2021).
Global Business Review, 0972150920988644.



The purpose of this article is to examine the role of a workgroup’s openness to diversity (WOD) in
shaping employees’ perception of human resources practices (HRPs), by focusing primarily on three
types of diversity, namely visible diversity, value diversity and informational diversity. The study also
examines the moderating effect of group membership on the relationship. Cross-sectional data
through a survey of 533 employees of various leading information technology (IT) companies in India
are used. The results suggest that a workgroup’s openness to diversity is a strong determinant of the
perception of HRPs. It is observed that the workgroup’s openness to visible diversity has no
significant impact on the perception of HRPs, whereas openness to value and informational diversity
has a significant positive impact. The results also show that group membership moderates the
relationship. In terms of the originality of this study, we contend that, to date, there is a paucity of
empirical studies linking a workgroup’s openness to diversity with the perception of HRPs. Hence,
the present study addresses this gap by examining the relationship, as well as the boundary
conditions on this relationship.

Link to Article: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0972150920988644

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