Factors Affecting Investors Sentiments and Decisions


Dr. Sasmita Giri

Associate Professor & Assistant Dean for Internationalization and Programs

Giri,S., Gupta,G., Hegde, P.D. (2021).
Empirical Economics Letters.


This paper precisely focuses towards to identify the major factors which are affecting the sentiments
of investors and their decision making with the help of identifying the relationship among the
demographic factors and investors investment pattern. A conceptual model is formulated based on
past studies and primary research with the help of Explanatory Factor Analysis (EFA) and AMOS 20
with the help of the MLE method. A total response of 302 investors was collected and construct a
hypothesis linkage between the constructs. Out of the 32 total factors we came across the 19 major
factors which are affecting the investor’s decisions comparatively more as compared to the other 32.
With the help of which we formulated a model to show that in what pattern an investor may invest
in a stock market.The present research analyses Factors Affecting Investors Sentiments using
Structural Equational Modelling (SEM). The study has explored the essential process that every
individual investor follows before involving in any investment decision.

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