Response to COVID-19

Responsive to COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced all of us to adapt and to be agile. The Business School community faces the challenge of grooming professionals who can deal with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Globally, the Business School Community is trying to respond to this uncertainty.

Thanks to the students, faculty and staff, JAGSoM has been able to respond to this challenge successfully.

Technology Enabled Platforms

Since the start of the lockdown, JAGSoM has conducted 2370 unique examinations till date which includes Project Viva with industry mentors, making possible the progression and graduation of students belonging to the PGDM Batch of 2018-20.

JAGSoM has conducted 1296 synchronous sessions and 94 wellness programs. It has also conducted 109 webinars as part of knowledge series for our stakeholders across academia, industry, and the student community.

Impartus Innovations allowed sessions to be conducted in a manner where the classroom experience got replicated, as the faculty could give presentations, do whiteboard work on the screen, conduct polls, and allow the participants to ask questions and participate on chat.

The Learning Management System ‘Moodle’ allowed access to all learning resources including reading materials, assignments and the recorded lectures.

End-term assessments were conducted in a manner where the exams are proctored. We moved to Mettl for conducting proctored online examinations, to ensure sanctity of the process.

All meetings and reviews are being done on Microsoft Teams and everything is functioning normally, in contrast to other institutions who are struggling with the ‘New normal’.
Admission/Enrolment NoPaperForms – Application filing and processing
Student Information System Campus Lab ERP
Academic Delivery Synchronous learning – Impartus Live Lecturing and Capturing

Asynchronous Learning – LMS on Moodie with Course

Material/Recorded Lectures/Assignments etc.
Examinations and Assessments Mettl Platform for Proctored Examinations Anywhere
Collaboration and Engagement Microsoft Teams – Student-faculty interaction, Student-to-student interaction, group work, student club activities

Microsoft Share Point – Workflows and document depository

Virtual Campus Life @work from Facebook – captive social media platform for student-student, student-faculty, student-staff, faculty-faculty social interactions
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