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Vithala R. Rao Centre for Business Analytics

Data analytics is becoming increasingly important in many fields, generating vast amounts of knowledge that may be applied. Tremendous advances in advanced algorithms, availability of cheap and powerful hardware, and generation of huge amounts of data on social media and other platforms have fueled the data market in the last decade. Data is now the “New Oil”. The insights gleaned from a judicious use of Data Analytics can help organizations improve their performance, plan better for the future, and give back to the society. Technologies involved with Data Analytics include Big Data, Data Warehouses, Cloud, and other applications and hardware. Applications of modern Data Analytics includes Predictive, Prescriptive, Descriptive, Cognitive, Enterprise Decision Management, Retail, Augmented, Web, and Call Analytics.

Jagdish Sheth School of Management in Bengaluru, India, has set up Vithala R Rao Centre for Business Analytics to initiate, develop and facilitate integrating Analytics with various disciplines of study under the able leadership of Prof Vithala R. Rao. D, Deane W. Malott Professor (Emeritus), Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University. Prof Vithala R Rao whose pioneering work is in the area conjoint analysis, multidimensional scaling, pricing, bundle design, brand equity, market structure, corporate acquisition, and linking branding strategies to financial performance, is the mentor and guide of this Centre. The Center’s objectives will be to:

  • Conduct and Disseminate Research in the application of Analytics in various domains
  • Develop Industry Connections

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