Student Life at JAGSOM

JAGSOM believes in the principle that a sound mind and fit body is essential for any management graduate to survive a long strenuous career. Students are encouraged to have a vibrant and engaging schedule during their two years on campus. Students are involved in a variety of extracurricular and cocurricular activities. The diverse clubs, events and competitions provide an opportunity to students to develop and showcase their talent.

Effective Execution (EE)

The Effective Execution intervention aims at enhancing the ability of students to address the challenges of collaboration, conflict resolution, timely and cost-effective execution of critical activities to achieve specific milestones in institution building activities.

The course focuses on developing execution skills of management students by focusing on ‘Learning by Doing’ as managers and future leaders. Students are expected to understand the role and responsibility of a manager, cognitive ambidexterity of an administrator and agile leadership style of an effective leader while facing the ambiguity of the VUCA world.

Each first-year student compulsorily becomes the part of one committee. The student is empowered to take a lead or a collaborative role to envision the committee’s developmental goals, strategic goals, and streamline routine activities.

Sl No. Effective Execution Committees
1. Banking Committee
2. Analytics Committee
3. Martech Committee
4. Fintech Committee
5. Capital Markets
6. HR Committee
7. PEP and Student Affairs Committee
8. Sales & Service Committee
9. Admission Committee
10. Alumni Committee
11. CSR Committee
12. External Relations and Placements
13. PR & Digital Marketing
14. IC committee
15. Academic & Competition Committee
16. Cultural Committee
17. Innovation Incubation Committee
18. Industry Connect Committee

Outbound Leadership Lab (OLL)

The Outbound Leadership Lab aims to help the students develop an ‘Individual Development Plan’ through experiential outbound activities and psychometric diagnosis leading to development of self-transformational activities. The activities are focused on Leadership and Team Building.

Personality Enhancement Program (PEP)

Since its inception, the Personality Enhancement Program has been an impactful catalyst in promoting fitness as one of the primary goals for every student. We are perhaps the only institute to have Personality Enhancement Program (PEP), a life-skill and lifestyle oriented program integrated into the curriculum as a credited course. This deals with the honing of the various aspects of Holistic Personality.

The PEP is conducted in two tracks, Life skills and Lifestyle

Social Immersion Program (SIP)

Social Immersion Program (SIP), a unique initiative that sensitizes students to the needs of the community and enables them to identify their social problems through research. Students learn to design solutions for social problems through a Techno Economic Viability (TEV) study, thereby enabling sustainable, socially positive and measurable impact.

The School has tied up with many NGOs to facilitate the immersion component of the program. Some of the NGOs we partner with are World Vision India, Action Aid, Art of Living (AOL), Anti-Pollution Drive, Help Age India, Biocon Foundation, CARE India, CRY, Bachpan Bachao Andolan.

JAGSOM has selected 3 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations to focus on

Kanyathon – An Experential Program for Social Impact

Kanyathon is a student-driven Annual Charity Marathon that raises funds to uplift the lives of the girl child and for women empowerment in order to make social impact and impact UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 1 ‘No Poverty’ and SDG 5 ‘Gender Equality’).

Kanyathon has been generating surplus funds every year since its inception. The funds have been deployed towards COVID relief, towards development of adopted villages in Kolar and towards the Kanyathon Shiksha Kendra.

This year, in spite of the pandemic, Kanyathon generated surplus funds of INR 30 lakhs through virtual runs and E-gaming events.

The funds from the sales proceeds have improved the living conditions of the girl child of the villages in India and in the JAGSOM adopted villages in Kolar under the Indian government’s Unnat Bharat Abigyan scheme. The Kanyathon Kolar project managed by our partner NGO, Child Rights and You (CRY), aided by our students, monitor, protect and promote child rights with strategic activities at the child, family, community and government systems level.

YearRegistrationsFootfall (approx.)RevenueExpensesSurplus Funds
201940003000INR 36,00,000INR 20,00,000INR 16,00,000
2020100766500INR 46,00,000INR 23,00,000INR 23,00,000
202145004500INR 42,00,000INR 12,00,000INR 30,00,000

Kanyathon 2022

“We are running for a safer world for women”.

Glimpse of Kanyathon 2022 held on 16th April 2022 by Jagdish Seth School of management, Bangalore.

Support the daughter of India.

Kanyathon – An Experential Program for Social Impact

This year, AACSB International (AACSB) awarded Kanyathon the AACSB Innovations that Inspire Award for creating Positive Societal Impact. AACSB International recognized JAGSOM as a Champion of Change in the Business Education landscape.

JAGSOM was one out of only 24 Business Schools globally to feature in the 2021 AACSB Innovations that Inspire list. KANYATHON, an experiential program for social impact, received the 2021 AACSB Innovations that Inspire award for creating positive societal impact.

The 2021 Innovations that Inspire showcase schools’ positive contributions to society through one of the following ways:

To read more about the AACSB Innovations that Inspire Award for KANYATHON, please see:

Student Skill Enhancement

JAGSOM’s Kanyathon is not just an Annual Charity Marathon but is also an innovative experiential program of integrated student driven activities, simulating a ‘real time experiential business experience’ that has created sustainable impact on SDG 1. ‘ No Poverty’ and SDG 5 ‘Gender Equality’5. Kanyathon, having completed 10 editions has an objective to immerse students in interlinked goal-driven activities, to develop essential skills leading to fund raising through organizing an annual charity run and deploying the funds for enhancing the girl child’s life.

The broad objective of the intervention is to Enhance Students’ Skills. Students learn the following skills through a real-time experience:-

To read more about the AACSB Innovations that Inspire Award for KANYATHON, please see:

CSR Club Activities

Some of the recent activities organized by the CSR Club were:

25th Year Celebrations

The students of JAGSOM actively and enthusiastically participated in the 25th year celebrations and made it exciting and vibrant. They organized a series of events for 25 consecutive days in the month of February 2020, to embody the spirit and celebrate the Silver Jubilee.

Student Competitions

Our students participate and win accolades in a number of Business School and inter-college competitions as well as organize competitions.

Student Fests

Toastmasters Club

JAGSOM students are active members of the Toastmasters Club and regularly conduct events in this area.


JAGSOM offers a unique opportunity to the students to excel or understand their levels of physical and mental fitness through participation in various sports events and fitness exercises as a mandatory part of the curriculum. Our students have participated and won in multiple inter-college sports competitions.

Ace India swimmer Sajan Prakash, a JAGSOM student, represented the nation in 200m freestyle, 200m butterfly and 100m butterfly at Fina World Championship in Gwanju, South Korea.

Tej Shirodkar & Soham Shirodkar have been a part of their State Football Team (Goa) at four nationals. Soham Shirodkar has also been the top scorer at various tournaments in Rugby 7’s.