Student Projects /Request forProblems (RFPs)

Student Projects/ Request for Problems Intervention (RFPs)

RFP is a crucial component of the newly revised curriculum within the T Shaped Professional model. It is also an integral component of the Career Track program. Student teams work under faculty guidance and an industry mentor work on resolving an industry partner provided business problem. A selection of student white papers arising out of 2020 projects has been published as an edited volume titled Learning by Solving, A compilation of White Paper’s. This can be downloaded here: downloaded here. In 2021, 34 corporate partners have signed up for this initiative.

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Building An Human Resources Artificial Intelligence Maturity (HRAD) Model

The idea of Hit 4.0 is inextricably linked to industry 4.0, or the fourth major Industrial revolution. If industry 4.0 represents the integrated use of digital technologies, the term is only a harbinger of the commencement of such integration, not the end state. Data exchange between systems has dramatically expanded efficiency and decision-making processes in people management. More prolific changes are awaited. Perhaps Industry 4.0 will give way to industry 5.0, replete with Al integration. At this juncture, it is spr to assess whether we have embarked upon the journey and how far we have traveled in the Al integration to have a beacon to navigate this nevitable, exciting, and challenging journey.


Understanding the 2 Wheeler Electric Vehicle Loan Customer

In the new world, post the COVID-19 pandemic, being environmentally conscious and having one’s transportation has become a necessity. Ring prices of fuel and the creation of charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles have become one of the critical drivers for the purchase of environment-friendly vehicles for individuals residing in metros and Tier 1 cities india is a two-wheen (W) market. The affordability and range of uptions for such 2W-Electric Vehicles (2W-FV) make it the de-facts choice for many, including Millennials and Gery, seeking the first mode of transport

A Comprehensive Study to Understand and Analyze the Purchase Behavior of Milk Buyers

The e-grocery market in india is becoming an attractive segment because of the increase in the pandemic-driven acoption of online ordering of essentials. With the rise in disposable income and increase in digita awareness among consumers, the e-grocery market in india is expected to see a phenomenal growth, According to RedSeer, a consulting firm, the total size of the e-grocery market in india is estimated to grow from $1.9 billion in 2019 to $3 billion by 2021

SKU Label Identification for Retail Store Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning

We apply a convolutional neural network (CNN) to detecting and recognizing food items. Unlike typical artificial neural networks, Convolutional neural networks can estimate the score function directly from image pixels. A two-dimensional convolution layer was used, generating a convolution kernel convolved with the layer input to form a tensor of outputs. The data is also processed using the Max-Pooling function, and the features produced from this function are used to train the network.

Digital Origination and On-Boarding of MSME Clients in India for Business Loans

Digital origination and onboarding of MSME cents for lo evolving space in india. The project involved using primary and secondary data to find the best solution for a smooth digital onboarding and kan process SPSS software was used and performed the chi square test on several parameters and interpreted the results and suggestions are based on these results, which Edelweiss Finance should adopt to achieve market pesetation and create a large customer base

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