rajarshi chakraborty

Prof. Rajarshi Chakraborty

Assistant Professor & Program Chair
Speciality Area : Personality Enhancement Programme (PEP)

Prof. Chakraborty is an erudite Academician with an experience of over ten years, developing results driven curriculum and delivering engaging instruction to the Management Students. Prof Rajarshi is also the Chairperson- Student Affairs, at Jagdish Sheth School of Management, Bangalore.

With his proven ability to develop rapport with students, Prof Rajarshi displays outstanding ability to individualize instruction architecture based on students’ specialized and changing needs. With strong leadership traits and an excellent ability to coordinate with different stakeholders, Prof Rajarshi contributes to creating a sporting and efficient work environment around him.

An articulate communicator, his teaching and research interest lies in recognizing; respecting & nurturing the creative potential of each student with different cultural background and academic levels; and instilling in them self-confidence, courage to face uncertainty, and physical and mental toughness, as they get ready to hit the road.

Educational Qualification

  • MBA, Management Studies, International Management Institute, Belgium
  • Bachelor’s in Hospitality Studies, Queen Margaret University, Scotland


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