Student Projects /
Request for
Problems (RFPs)

Student Projects / Request for Problems (RFPs)

student project jagsom
student project jagsom

Student Projects/ Request for Problems Intervention (RFPs)

Student Projects

student projects 01
student projects 01

RFP is a crucial component of the newly revised curriculum within the T Shaped Professional model. It is also an integral component of the Career Track program. Student teams work under faculty guidance and an industry mentor work on resolving an industry partner provided business problem. A selection of student white papers arising out of 2020 projects has been published as an edited volume titled Learning by Solving, A compilation of White Paper’s. This can be downloaded here: downloaded here. In 2021, 34 corporate partners have signed up for this initiative.
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Finance Area

Capital Markets

  • ‘Swing Trading Strategies For The Indian Equity Market’ with Quantinsti

Marketing Area


  • ‘Analysing The Customer Purchase Behaviour For Two Product Categories: Meat & Fish, Beauty’ with Big Basket

Human Resource Area

HR Digital Transformation

  • ‘To Create A HR AI Maturity Model, Evaluate Select Companies Of The Maturity Based On The Model Created, And Make Recommendations To HR AI Maturity Level’ with dun&bradstreet.

Business Analytics and Digital Business

Business Analytics

  • ‘Food Classification For Grocery Store Management Using Computer Vision’ with Insofe.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Area

SIP Projects

  • Effective Waste Management: A study aligned with SDG No. 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.


Top Projects

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hrad model
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Student Testimonial


rajesh kumar
Prof Rajesh Kumar

Chair – Internships and Placements,

Mob: +91-95512 87844
Email: cp@jagsom.edu.in

suraj srivastava

Suraj Srivastava

Assistant Vice President – Career Services





Understanding Workforce Management in the MSME sector workplace.

– Organization Structure options.

– Challenges of HR planning, talent acquisition, talent management, learning and development, compensation and benefits for MSMEs.

– HR Policy, HR Manual, and Service Rules

– Employee relations – Central labour laws applicable to MSMEs; state amendments in Karnataka; other labour laws applicable in Karnataka; key compliance issues and penal provisions.

– Future implications of the proposed Labour Code.



Raising capital

– Utilization and allocation of capital

– Managing cost & cash

– Understanding the financial health of business

– Reporting

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