Governing Changes in Government: The Water Story of Mahabubnagar

Varma, H. R., Kakani, R. K., & Poovathingal, J. S. (2021). The CASE Journal.   Abstract Theoretical basis Kotter’s framework of change management adapted to the situation of public policy implementation under the leadership of a civil service officer in the rural areas of a developing economy in South Asia. Research methodology This case has … Read more

Factors influencing employees perception of human resource practice: A fuzzy interpretive structural model approach

Das, S. K., Azmi, F. T., & James, P. S. (2020). Jindal Journal of Business Research, 9(1), 41-55.   Abstract In past two decades, researchers have identified many factors, which influence employee’s perception of human resource (HR) practices. How employees perceive HR practice is a strong determinant of both employee’s and organizational outcome. However, how … Read more

Workgroup’s Openness to Diversity and Employees’ Perception of Human Resources Practices: The Moderating Effect of Group Membership.

Das, S. K., Azmi, F. T., & James, P. S. (2021). Global Business Review, 0972150920988644.   Abstract The purpose of this article is to examine the role of a workgroup’s openness to diversity (WOD) in shaping employees’ perception of human resources practices (HRPs), by focusing primarily on three types of diversity, namely visible diversity, value … Read more

Impact of Physical Activity on an Individual’s Creativity: A Day-Level Analysis

Bollimbala, A., James, P. S., & Ganguli, S. (2021). The American Journal of Psychology, 134(1), 93-105. Abstract Physical activity is fast emerging as a predictor of complex cognitive processes, yet its impact on creativity is not well researched. This study analyzes the immediate and retention effects of an enjoyable physical activity intervention at the end … Read more

MBA education: New insights on enablers of managerial performance

Chatterjee, D., & Poovathingal, J. (2020). International Journal of Educational Management. Abstract PURPOSE Several authors have proposed various factors/enablers that enhance managerial performance of MBA students. However, there is little research on how to prioritise these enablers or how each enabler in the system of enablers influences each other. This paper aims to address this … Read more

The effect of Hatha yoga intervention on students’ creative ability


Bollimbala, A., James, P. S., & Ganguli, S. (2020). Acta Psychologica, 209, 103121. Abstract There is increasing demand for individual creativity as organizations seek innovative ways to remain relevant. Higher education institutions, particularly business schools, are sensitive to this demand and are constantly in search for innovative ways to enhance the creative ability of their … Read more

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