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The services sector is a key driver of India’s economic growth. The sector contributed 55.39% to India’s Gross Value Added at current price in FY20. Services sector’s GVA grew at a CAGR of 1.45% to US$ 1,064.8 billion in FY20 from US$ 1,005 billion in FY16.

The aspirational vision for the Centre is to serve as a catalyst for bringing together and facilitating interactions among academic scholars, companies and students (would-be managers or scholars down the road) with the goal of promoting and nurturing service excellence in multiple areas. This Centre can be envisioned as a three-pillared structure, with the Centre’s vision atop the structure and supported by three interlinked pillars: (a) research scholars from academic institutions, (b) practitioners from various sectors and (c) students being trained at academic institutions. The focus is on knowledge creation, dissemination and implementation in the Services domain.

Dr. A Parasuraman, one of the foremost authorities of services marketing globally, is leading and mentoring this initiative.

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In order to help organizations derive competitive advantage through service quality, the Centre has launched India’s first ‘Index of Service Excellence’ (iSEI), in the E-Commerce and Banking sectors, to begin with.

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