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The corporate relations groups at JAGSoM are a professionally driven team of career services professionals, placement committee & faculty with an ambition of creating holistically developed professionals with an edge in the new age roles for the leading organization across the globe.

CRG believes in continuous engagement with industry experts to facilitate experience-based learning such as one on one Mentorship Programs, Industry Consulting Projects, Career tracks, Industry internship Program & in-house career seasons to embark on the process of self-discovery and to choose the best careers of their choice. CRG actively work with the student-driven placement committee to facilitate the interactions, engagements, and opportunities for graduating batches.

In the last few years, the school have facilitated the interactions and hiring in a hybrid mode, which has allowed more organizations to participate in the hiring cycle across the globe. JAGSoM has been extensively using its learning architecture for many years for hybrid course delivery, including the contemporary LMS; Collaborative platforms like Impartus, MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet; and test conducting platforms like Mettl. The year witnessed increased participation from both marquee and a sizable number of new-age recruiters and many organizations offered dual offers for internship and full-time offers.

JAGSOM, is located right in the Silicon Valley of India and in greater Mumbai! JAGSOM has a global outlook and is poised for quantum growth after becoming only the 6th AACSB accredited institution in the country. Moreover, it enjoys the location advantage of being in Bengaluru & Mumbai, the technology and financial capital of India, and a unique approach to teaching, and learning where each student gets the opportunity to customize her/his pathway.

We at JAGSoM, Look forward to fruitful engagement and learners’ success!

Welcome to JAGSoM by Director, Dr Atish Chattopadhyay

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