Cyber security risks in globalized supply chains: Conceptual framework


Prof. Shipra Pandey

Assistant Professor

Pandey, S., Singh, R. K., Gunasekaran, A., & Kaushik, A. (2020). Cyber security risks in
globalized supply chains: conceptual framework. Journal of Global Operations and Strategic



The purpose of this study is to examine cyber security risks in globalized supply chains (SCs). It has
been seen to have a greater impact on the performance of SCs. The information and communication
technology of a firm, which enhances the efficiency and effectiveness in the SC, could
simultaneously be the cause of vulnerabilities and exposure to security threats. Researchers have
primarily focussed on the cyber-physical system (CPS) vulnerabilities impacting SC. This paper tries to
categorize the cyber security risks occurring because of the SCs operating in CPS.


Based on the flow of information along the upstream and downstream SC, this paper tries to identify
cyber security risks in the global SCs. It has further tried to categorize these cyber security risks from
a strategic point of view.


This paper tries to identify the various cyber security risk and cyber-attacks in globalized SC for
improving the performance. The 16 cyber security risks have been categorized into three categories,
namely, supply risk, operational risk and demand risk. The paper proposes a framework consisting of
different cyber-attacks across the information that flows in global SCs along-with suitable mitigation

Research limitations/implications

The paper presents the conceptual model of cyber security risks and cyber-attacks in globalized SCs
based on literature review and industry experts. Further validation and scale development of these
risks can be done through empirical study.

Practical implications
This paper provides significant managerial insights by developing a framework for understanding the
cyber security risks in terms of the drivers of these risks and how to deal with them. From a managerial perspective, this framework can be used as a decision-making process while considering
different cyber security risks across the stages of globalized SCs.


The major contribution of this study is the identification and categorization of cyber security risks
across the global SCs in the digital age. Thus, this paper introduces a new phenomenon to the field
of management that has the potential to investigate new areas of future research. Based on the
categorization, the paper provides insights on how cyber security risks impact the continuity of SC

Link to Article: https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/JGOSS-05-2019-

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