Challenges of Managing the Employability of Differently Abled in South India


Dr. Shaji Kurian

Professor & Chairperson, OB & HR Area

Kurian, S., (2021).
Experiences of two Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).
Asian Case Research Journal.



More than 500 million individuals on the planet are incapacitated as a result of mental, physical or
tangible weakness. These persons are entitled to the same rights as all other human beings and to
equal opportunities. Employability is a holistic issue. This case is exploring instances of
organisations, who have attempted to address these issues, and achieved progress in addressing the
employability issues of differently abled people in India.

Social and Human capital is key component of employability. However, this is more important and
crucial among differently abled people. Seeing the large numbers of the differently abled and seeing
the difficulties of the parents coping with the disabled children, NGO like BCT took the initiative and
started its Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme in the year 1992. The real
empowerment and employability of people have to converge on three factors, like career
identity, social and human capital and personal adaptability. Based on the discussions, paper also
explores how social and human capital is important in creating a more holistic model of
employability especially in case of differently abled. This paper is to throw insights into the
challenges and opportunities of managing disabilities. Two cases from NGOs in India
namely Bhagavatula Charitable Trust and Riya Foundation: Therapeutic Residential Centre for
Special Needs and their experiences are captured through this paper. It’s a descriptive attempt to
highlight the challenge of managing education and employability of disabled children and this
insights can be applied elsewhere for better result. Data was collected while doing social immersion
internship by participants in these two Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s).

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